Robert Cee vs. Leon Daniels

Total Running Time: 27:27
File Size: 541.8MB

Robert Cee 5'11" 172 27yo
Leon Daniels 5'11" 177 24yo

Leon Daniels, (green speedos), is a new comer to wrestling. Being a HS football player, lineman, he is just a big, strong guy who wanted to wrestle the toughest 175 pounder we could find. Enter, Robert Cee, (striped speedos), a seasoned wrestler of many years and many matches on the East Coast and West Coast with big guys and smaller guys. Robert knows all the moves and holds. He can take a lot and not give up, as we saw in his match with Ross Andrews, and he can give out more than his share. Leon wanted a fight and he got one.

At the beginning, it is obvious that Leon is much stronger. In a sense, he manhandles Robert. Leon actually uses his tremendous strength, even with the lack of wrestling ability, to get two submissions out of Robert. Imagine if he knew a lot of wrestling. Robert begins to take over in skill, especially as the match goes past the 20-minute mark. Leon is never "easy" for Robert to handle, but the wrestling skill dominates.

The moves on Leon force him to get totally pumped and show off his huge legs and quads. You can actually see the power on this guy. We are sure Leon will be in many more Movimus matches.

After the match, Leon asked us for some private lessons. In the future you will see an awesome wrestler in Leon Daniels. Robert Cee, visiting from Southern California, will be back again, weí'e sure, to take on the "NYC BOYS". He loves to beat the best.

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