Patrick Donovan vs. Ross Andrews

Total Running Time: 24:07
File Size: SD 377.3MB/ HD 1.41GB

Patrick Donovan 6'1" 165 27yo
Ross Andrews 5'10" 163 32yo

Patrick, (navy blue speedos), kept asking us for a "tougher" opponent. Patrick is himself a tough opponent because of his wrestling skill and long, lanky, strong legs that he uses so well.  Ross, with his martial arts skills and multiple levels of achievement, willingly accepted Patrick's challenge with vigor and determination. Ross has been trained to be a winner at all cost. He holds back nothing, as we saw in his match with Robert Cee. He was totally determined to beat Patrick.

The match starts out real rough and finishes that way. Both men developed unparalleled respect for each other. This is a real brawl, literally "NO HOLDS BARRED". The mat cover was stained with blood in many spots after this match.

Patrick uses his sinewy legs often and long, but Ross shows he is not going to give up in a leg lock. Patrick has to come up with something else if he wants to win. You'll have to see this match for the outcome itís too incredible to give out here. Patrick wanted a fight, and he got one, more than he could have imagined.

We feel there is a re-match in the future for these two guys. There is a definite winner, but by no means is the feud settled. Patrick doesn't take a loss easily, and Ross is a trained winner, trained never to stop until you win. This feud is going to be a long one, and there may never be a decisive winner.


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