Patrick Donovan vs. Craig Karney

Total Running Time: 18:54
File Size: 160.2MB

Patrick Donovan 6'1" 166 28yo

Craig Karney 6' 171 23yo

This was Craig's (blue speedos) first real , submission wrestling experience, and the tall blond guy wanted to take on Patrick Donovan (purple speedos) badly. He watched Patrick wrestle a few times and was convinced that Patrick could be beat, and he wanted to be the man to give the beating. Although Craig is not a skilled wrestler, he sure is strong. His boyish looks, blond - reddish hair, and really pleasant attitude are totally deceiving. He is a strong dude. Patrick freely admits that during the first match.

Patrick's skill was just too much for the inexperienced, young dude. Many times Patrick found himself caught in a tight body scissors or head lock - many times Patrick was frustrated that Craig could power out of a really good hold, but ultimately experience won out. Patrick's well defined chest and abs were put to a real test just trying to hold on to this powerful kid. Craig used everything he could but just didn't have the skill to take advantage of slip or potentially fatal mistake that Patrick might make. We has to admit - it is fun to see Patrick not able to move in a tight body scissors. Too bad Craig just couldn't give enough squeeze for the submission.
We're sure you'll see more of Craig Karney.

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