Swage vs. Trent Hanes

Total Running Time: 17:44
File Size: 150.2MB

Swage 5'9" 159 24yo
Trent Hanes 5'8" 151 29yo

Trent (purple speedos) was visiting from Ohio. He is a good wrestler. He was recommended to Movimus by Kyle Bradford. He was psyched to take on Swage (blue speedos). Real wrestlers will appreciate this match.
Swage thought he was going to have an easy match with someone smaller than him. He quickly found out that wasn't the case. Trent wanted to win, he wanted to hear "I give" from Swage and he wasn't about to let the bigger guy have control. Trent proved that he could get out Swage's headlock and body scissors. He tried all kinds of different holds himself, but Swage kept powering out of them. It was an awesome site to see Swage's muscles totally tensed - powering out of Trent's full nelson and body scissors. At one point Trent had a really tight headlock and Swage wrapped him in a body scissors. It was then just a test of wills as to who was going to let go first. Really great moves and holds.

Swage took the first match. (Surprisingly) But Trent was about to turn that around. He was determined not to go back to Ohio a loser. He wrestled as hard as we has ever seen. They went two more matches and there was a decisive winner - no doubt. But we'll leave that to the video.

Real submission wrestlers will love this match.

Wrestlers: Origins, Swage, Trent Hanes