Kurtis Rivers vs. Niros Waverly

Total Running Time: 24:37
File Size: HD 1.87GB/ 4K 2.79


Niros Waverly                         5’8”                 135 lbs.                      
Kurtis Rivers                            5’7”                 131 lbs.

Niros (light blue speedos) challenges Kurtis (navy blue speedos).   Niros is a cirque performer, acrobat and athlete.   He watched Kurtis wrestle and immediately said “I want to wrestle that guy”.   Kurtis is quickly becoming “the man to beat” at Movimus.  He has wrestled and beat guys 70 pounds heavier.   He proved that he can handle the awesome muscle of Shawn Duncan, and ,basically, Kurt is still undefeated.  Niros is quite confident that he will win this match.

Niros gets the first take down and, remarkably, manages to keep Kurt on his back struggling to escape.  Niros catches Kurt in a figure-four head scissors and puts the pressure on --- only to get caught by Kurt in a full head scissors.   Super action.   Neither taps out and they come back to a neutral position, obviously with a bit more respect for each other.  On their feet working for the take down is a cumbersome project for both wrestlers, but the action is intense and vicious on the mat.   Kurt uses his Ju-Jitsu experience and training, but Niros is excellent at counters and reversals.   This is submission wrestling at its best – totally competitive.

Niros definitely keeps Kurt on the defensive for much of this match, even managing to get behind him a couple of times looking for the choke and submission.  But Kurt is just too good and much too strong.  Niros is a fierce wrestler but he has quite the opponent in Kurt.  Niros gets Kurt upside down on his shoulder and totally expects a tap-out as he puts the pressure on Kurt’s shoulders and head.  Not going to happen.  Kurt struggles but does excape.   This is awesome – incredible wrestling.

Niros gives it a valiant try, but he can’t get Kurt to tap out.   But, surprising to all, Niros does not tap out at any point either.  This match ends in a draw – and it is a totally grueling match.