Duke Russo vs. Robert Biggs

Total Running Time: 26:38
File Size: HD 2.04GB

Robert Biggs           6'        195 lbs.
Duke Russo            5’9”     181 lbs.


Duke (green speedos) brought  gym buddy to the Movimus Studio for a match.   Robert (blue speedos) is in great shape with some wrestling background. He’s strong, agile, and definitely wants to win the match.  But, as with so many of Duke’s opponents, Robert is no match for the totally awesome wrestling ability, power and strength, stamina a fortitude of Duke Russo.  So far, in all his matches at Movimus, Duke has been a very dominate force – one that no one has been able to overcome.

Duke shows the bigger Robert that force that he has.   He gets control with a front face lock early in the match, and brings Robert to the mat.   Robert struggles to reverse, but Duke is just too strong and too quick.  At one point, Duke picks up Robert off the mat upside down and slams him to the mat with a neck breaker.   That just give you an idea how strong Duke really is.  Although, Robert does manage to get behind Duke and put some pressure on Duke, it’s basically fruitless.   Duke counters and reverses, as he always does, and dominates the bigger wrestler.  It’s a full front face lock from his back that gives Duke the first fall win.

Duke doesn't just take Biggs down, he lifts, spins, flips and throws him around... As a man and wrestler. Biggs provides a solid foil for the superstar, mainly because of his size. He's big enough to make Duke work hard, regardless of the outcome.

The Cave

In the second fall, again, Duke gains and keeps control.   He picks Robert off the mat again and slams Robert’s back on his knee.   Robert doubles over in pain.   Duke uses a full body scissors quite effective, draining all the air from Robert’s lungs.  Then Duke cradles Robert, rolling him onto his shoulders in a very tight, long held submission hold, that causes Robert to eventually tap out.   Incredible and awesome 

Robert Biggs is certainly daunting. He'd give most wrestlers pause. Not Russo. Russo's ready, and in seconds he's all over the new guy. 

Ringside at Skull Island

Giving Robert a lot of credit, since he gets right back up and goes at Duke again, Robert continues to take a beating.   Duke is really showing just how tough he really is.  So far, Duke is not only undefeated at Movimus in every match – he has not even lost a single fall.   Duke wrestles anyone and everyone and he’s always looking for a challenge.   Great attitude, super well built body, and a really nice guy, Duke Russo is a consummate wrestler.

Note: This match is available in HD only. 

Wrestlers: Duke Russo, Robert Biggs

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