Dave Markus vs. Davide Stefano

Total Running Time: 33:44
File Size: HD 1.88/ 4K 9.22GB

Davide Stefano                           6’         184 lbs.          
Dave Markus                           5’9”         174 lbs.          


Davide (blue speedos), visiting America from Italy, challenges Dave Markus.  We knew that Davide is a real good wrestler and very strong – deceivingly strong – so figured Dave, as muscular and powerful as he is, would have his work cut out for him.  Davide took control of the match early on and never relinquished that control.   Dave did his best to counter the very strong Italian, but he came up short.   Dave, as powerful and muscular as he is, spent most of this match on his back on the mat.  

"This one belongs in the collection of anyone even mildly drawn to the sport and science of submission wrestling."

Ringside at Skull Island

Davide has great moves and balance and he manages to get the big body-builder- Dave – to tap out 3 times.  A wicked arm-bar has Dave in real trouble and he struggles uselessly to escape.  Davide keeps hold of the arm and pours on the pressure.   Dave certainly develops a respect for the power and ability of Davide.

Just check out how Davide’s muscles are tensed and taut as he wrestles Dave.   His body muscles seem to become more and more defined as he wrestles.  Dave uses all his skill and power, but Davide is there to counter and defend at every turn.  Dave never stops, never gives in!  Rather he keeps trying to get stronger and more in control, but Davide is just too strong.   Dave wrestles tough, but Davide is definitely the stronger guy.

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