Duke Russo vs. Shon Tracy

Total Running Time: 35:52
File Size: HD 1.99GB/ 4K 9.77GB

Duke Russo       5’9” 181 lbs .
Shon Tracy        6’ 185 lbs.

Shon (red speedos) wrestles his first match for Movimus and challenges the undefeated Duke (yellow speedos).   Shon comes in with lots of wrestling experience, having wrestled some of the very best guys from all over.   Duke immediately goes to work on Shon, taking him to the mat and maintaining control.   Shon struggles out of Duke’s tight body scissors, and continues to escape from some of Duke’s favorite control holds, like a front face lock, cross-face, and leg lock.    Shon traps Duke in a body scissors from the guard position.   Duke has no trouble getting out and reversing.  Even when Dude scraps Shon’s bald head on the mat, drawing blood from the head, Shon is not the slightest bit intimidated.  He comes back harder and stronger against Duke.

"The match lasts through eight falls, each one more grueling and punishing than the last..."

Ringside at Skull Island

Shon manages to get some good moves and holds on Duke, but, overall, Duke continues his winning ways, destroying and humiliating just about every opponent that challenges him.  Not only is Duke a good wrestler, an outstanding wrestler, but he has power and strength that is superior to just about anyone else his size.    Shon has an envy-able wrestling record, having defeated badly some of the toughest submission wrestlers from all over the USA.   But he was no match at all for the power and ability of Duke Russo.  

Check out some of the wicked moves Duke uses to get Shon to tap out:   fierce head scissors, totally inescapable triangle, body scissors and arm bars.   Don’t’ miss the total control and domination of Duke’s head lock.   This wrestler is a force to be dealt with.   Duke is taking on all challengers.  He’s even talking about taking on two movimus wrestlers at the same time.

Duke and Shon are wearing trunks by Delio Dietz.

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Wrestlers: Duke Russo, Shon Tracy