Dave Markus vs. Silas Sanchez

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Silas Sanchez 5’10” 180 lbs
Dave Markus 5’9” 172 lbs.

Silas (dark blue speedos) showed up at our studios and immediately challenged Dave (light blue –guard speedos).   Silas is solid and ripped and claimed to have a lot of wrestling experience.   Dave, at 21 years old, is definitely one of the strongest and toughest wrestlers at Movimus.   Silas was quite confident that he could handle the young, tough Dave.   Dave gets the initial take-down with a head lock that Silas almost immediately escapes from.   Dave then tries using his legs and catching Silas in a head scissors, but Silas is just too fast and strong and knows enough to keep away from Dave’s incredible legs.   Silas then manages to control Dave for a long while keeping Dave on the mat and struggling, although Dave was never close to tapping out.   Dave finally catches Silas in a body scissors and you can see that Dave’s legs take a toll on Jack.   He doesn’t submit, but Silas finds himself in a lot of trouble when he is caught between Dave’s legs.

Now Dave starts to take control of the match and Silas finds himself struggling to escape and keep Dave from getting him in a finishing hold.  Silas actually does a good job against Dave’s power and muscle.  What starts out as a real friendly match turns into a total brawl.   As Dave works hard to get his super legs around Silas, Silas shows how strong he is and how easily he can keep Dave from getting those wicked strong legs around his waist or head.  Silas is just so strong that his strength and power begins to frustrate Dave.    Dave has wrestled some very tough guys, but Silas seems to know how to defend against Dave’s most vicious and aggressive moves and holds.

This is a great match and the feud between these two wrestlers has just begun.    You can sure that you will see a rematch between these two tough wrestlers – they both want it !