The Flynn Brothers: Connor vs. Patrick

Total Running Time: 28:06
File Size: SD 338.6MB/ HD  2.44GB

Connor Flynn                  6’1”            171 lbs           22yo
Patrick Flynn                   5’11”          164 lbs           21yo

Connor (blue speedos) brought his little brother, Patrick (green speedos) for a match at Movimus. This is awesome. Patrick and Connor fool around all the time but have never had a real match. Patrick was totally sure that he could handle Connor. Connor just wanted to show his little bro how tough he really is. Connor has more skill, more power and , of course, he’s the older brother. But Patrick is in no way intimidated.

Wait till you see these two guys go at it. At first, we thought Connor was going to dominate. He worked a lot from his back – out of character for Connor – but he knew what he was doing. Every time Patrick got a good hold on Connor, Connor used his awesome legs to escape. Connor uses some really great leg moves. Patrick counts on his upper body strength, but soon learns that his arms are no match for Connor’s legs. So he rethinks his strategy.

Patrick comes back strong after his first loss and soon enough the match is even. Connor finds out that his little bro has a powerful set of legs too, and Connor learns that he has to stay away from Patrick’s scissor. But can he do it? When he does, Patrick puts a vicious head lock on Connor – and it’s tap time for Connor.

Connor wants his brother as his tag team partner. Wow! I can’t wait.