Matt Reid vs. Ray Brasil

Total Running Time: 13:28
File Size: SD 186.4MB/ HD 1.14GB

Matt Reid                    6’          211 lbs        29yo
Ray Brasil                   6’3”       226 lbs       19yo

Newcomer Ray Brasil (yellow speedos) is a big, tough football player from NYC. At 226 pounds and with a 32-inch waist, he’s a gym addict, college student, and a great athlete. He wanted his first Movimus match to be against Matt Reid (black speedos). Ray actually watched all Matt’s Movimus matches before their match. He knew what he was up against and he totally believed he could beat Matt.

Ray gets the take-down and climbs on Matt’s back keeping him face-down on the mat – but not for long. Matt is one powerful dude and reverses Ray without too much trouble. From then on it’s give-and-take the whole way. Incredibly tight leg holds from both wrestlers. Ray’s legs are real long and he has no trouble getting them around Matt. But believe this, Ray’s legs look powerful, actually they are much stronger than they look. Matt was in real trouble more than one time while wrapped in Ray’s legs.

But Matt uses his own legs very often to win his matches. When he got Ray in a full body scissors from behind and stretched his neck and back, we thought it was all over. Ray was in real trouble more than one time in Matt’s powerful legs. This is some real good wrestling. This is the kind of match that we will use to train some of our new wrestlers.

Both these guys want more wrestling. Ray is already asking for 6’6” Blake Matson.