Tommy "Slick" Perris vs. Simon Jackson

Total Running Time: 37:31
File Size: 444.8MB/ HD 2.59GB

Tommy "Slick" Perris           5'8"          157 lbs        19yo
Simon Jackson                    6'0"          168 lbs        18yo

Tommy (green speedos) and Simon (blue speedos) promised to be an "ultimate" match in submission wrestling. Both these guys have been wrestling since they were just kids. Both finished in the top five in the state wresting finals in their senior year. Both are in great shape, strong, good cardio-vascular. Both have an "I won't lose" attitude. Even other Movimus wrestlers wanted to come by and watch this match. No one was disappointed. This one is over 37 minutes of total submission wrestling, a very fair exchange of holds, no riding time in this one. Three times Tommy had Simon in an incredible body scissors, one time with a full nelson. Simon kept saying "good one" or 'good move" but he always managed to wrestle out of the move.

Three times Simon had Tommy in the same hold (no full nelson) and Tommy was really struggling just not to tap out. You could see the pain on Tommy's face. One time Simon got him in a cross leg lock while Tommy had Simon in a body scissors, also had him in a head scissors, Tommy was in totally agony, moaning and wheezing, but he wouldn't give up. Just to watch Tommy's muscles bulge and strain as Simon pours on the pressure is what we wrestlers love to see. Simon gets more and more pumped as Tommy tosses him around the mat, but continues to fight back and manages to gain control. This match is in the Rec Room.

Both wrestlers want an outdoor re-match real soon. Already many of the Wrestlers themselves have asked to come and watch and wrestle these two great wrestlers. It's going to happen and there is going to be a winner a eventually. 

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