Tony D'Angelo vs. Axel

Total Running Time: 21:12
File Size: 242.7MB

Tony D'Angelo 5'11" 178 32yo
Axel 6'1" 163 22yo

Axel (silver speedos) is a trained, skilled, life-long wrestler. He wrestled (and was the captain of) his HS wrestling team and went on to wrestle in college and placed in the NCAA national rankings. Tony (navy blue speedos) was warned by Movimus before the match that he was in for a challenge. But Tony was up for it (as he always is).

Axel has speed, power and agility. He starts the match by lifting and body slamming the bigger Tony. The first match is a test of strength, each man trying to establish dominance, lots of muscle exchanges and power locks. Eventually, Axel gets Tony in a power leg and angle lock and forces the submission.

The second match starts with a much more determined Tony. A quick, strong headlock has the "kid" against the wall. On the takedown, Axel uses his speed to reverse the hold. He tries the leg lock again, twice, but Tony is not about to give up this time. After 12 minutes, Tony reverses the leg lock and gets Axel in a totally awesome headlock, cross face and choke. Axel is squeezed until he almost passes out. But he recovers real quick and match 3 begins.

Head lock, body and head scissors, arm bars and control is the game plan of both wrestlers. Great finishing match with a totally surprising finish. Both these wrestlers are not done with each other. Look for their rematch.

Wrestlers: Axel, Origins, Tony D'Angelo

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