Wrestling in Thongs

A thong is one of the skimpiest gear available a man can wear, and our ancestors had no problems wearing them with the loincloth. It shows off every muscle, particularly the glutes, and it takes a confident man to put one on. For our wrestlers, one of the advantages of a thong is the freedom of movement without the binding restrictions that the extra fabric from a regular pair of trunks can sometimes bring. Love it or hate it, some of our wrestlers swear by it.

Our first match featuring the thong can be traced back to circa 1998 with Gino Allegri.  While both bodybuilders, Nick Fabrizio and Marcelo Matta did not spot a thong in their match, their thong tan lines told us how they like to sun. The thong phase died down and did not resurrect till the past few years with wrestlers like Dave Markus, Julio Vargas, and a few others, who did not strictly wore a thong, nonetheless spotted something much more brief than usual. 

Thongs made a full comeback when bodybuilder wrestler, Shawn Duncan joined us and confidently showed off his glutes, and even challenging his opponents to wrestle him in a thong.

Below is our selection of submission wrestling matches over the years featuring this tiny pair of gear and those confident enough to flaunt it.