Ross Andrews vs. Robert Cee

Total Running Time: 20:24
File Size: 437.2MB

Robert Cee                  5'11"        172lbs.       27
Ross Andrews              5'10"         163lbs.      32

Ross, (green speedos), is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do who wanted a shot at an all out wrestling match. Robert Cee, (blue striped speedos), is a gay games wrestler from the West Coast (LA) who was visiting NYC. Both agreed before the match that the rougher and tougher the wrestling was, the more they would like it. Both wrestlers have incredible stamina, unceasing will power, and a "wide" mean streak. Both knew how to fight dirty and were most willing to use dirty tactics to come out on top. It didn't take long for this wrestling match to turn into an all out "brawl". Robert is tough. He can take a lot and dish it out. He did both. The action of this match never stopped or slowed down. Four submissions came fast, hard, dirty, and ruthless. They wouldn't even take a break between submissions. Ross is not used to losing and no matter what incredibly powerful submission hold Robert got him in, Ross hung on. You'll be amazed how much torture he took. The match was never one-sided, but the holds were devastating. How these guys lasted surprised us. The shots to the gut and ribs had to hurt. The ball-grabbing actually caused a submission at one point. There was no stopping these two "brawlers". This is a match you've got to see to believe. You want "real, submission wrestling"? You've definitely got it here.

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