Ivan Karamazoff vs Rio Rangerio

Total Running Time: 26:37
File Size: HD 1.47GB/ 4K 2.03GB

Rio Rangerio                   5’7”             153 lbs.
Ivan Karamazoff              6’                165 lbs.

Rio (green speedos), visiting New York City from Finland, asked for a match against Ivan (blue speedos) long before new came to USA.   Ivan eagerly accepted the challenge.  Ivan clearly has been working on his wrestling – and it definitely shows in this match.   Rio is quite an accomplished wrestler.  He’s skilled, strong and knows all the moves and holds.   But Ivan proved to be just a bit too much for Rio to handle.   Rio wrestled valiantly, working some very effective moves and holds, but Ivan was able to escape and reverse each time.   

Lots of “school-boy pins” and control from Ivan.    He does have a very effective leg split that basically kept Rio immobilized.  Rio worked in an excellent triangle choke, but Ivan was in good position and able to fend off that attack.  Rio applied a very tight, most effective, head lock and kept Ivan locked in real close , but again, Ivan used his length and strong legs to escape.    Ivan worked in a figure-four around Rio’s head, then tried to an ankle lock.   Rio was in a lot of trouble and worked as hard as he could not to tap out.   This is some of the best wrestling you will find on the net !

Many of the Movimus Wrestlers have been asking for a match against Ivan.  It seems that they all want to get their shot at the very tough Russian.  Now they could be looking to wrestle Rio as well.   It just makes for some great competition when they challenge each other !