Brian Hollister vs. JonMarc Hogan

Total Running Time: 24:53
File Size: HD 2.15 GB

Brian Hollister 6’ 218 22yo
JonMarc Hogan 6’4” 208 21yo

JonMarc (green speedos) comes back to Movimus much more lean, ripped and in super shape. He’s matured and wants to keep taking on the big boys. He challenges the best. Brian (blue speedos) is arguably the strongest of all the Movimus wrestlers. His headlock is awesome and often the winning move. But JonMarc is a real tuff kid. He passionately hates to lose and he wants to beat his tuff fellow Texan. This is one of those classic matches that can go to either wrestler.

Brian manages to slam JonMarc a couple times to the mat and immediately locks in his infamous head lock. JonMarc isn’t about to let that beat him. He’s a real brawler. He struggles in the vice-like grip of Brian but keeps managing to escape only to have the head lock clamped back on by Brian. JonMarc starts to get frustrated and angry and finally gets behind Brian with a body scissors and choke. Brian struggles, powers, turns and really works to break the move. Not a chance. JonMarc, at 6’4”, has incredible leverage and he knows how to use it.

Eventually, Brian is flat on his stomach with JonMarc on his back. JonMarc throws on a double chin and cranks. He turns it into a head scissors and double chin lock from behind Brian and its’ all over. Brian is really pissed.

Second match – Brian shows what he’s really got. He throws JonMarc to the mat, gets behind and power the tall blond around. He literally puts JonMarc right where he wants him and wraps his huge thighs around JonMarc’s head. For almost two minutes, JonMarc struggles, strains, pushes and pulls. Brian has a real tight waist lock on and these is no escape. Check out Brian’s legs as he squeezes JonMarc into submission.

This match ends in a draw. You can bet the rematch is planned.


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