Mike Adams vs. Jeff Felso

Total Running Time: 21:11
File Size: 254.1MB

Mike Adams                 6'1"               210 lbs               19yo
Jeff Felso                     6'2"               204 lbs               19yo

Jeff (Navy Blue Speedos) is a New Yorker who wrestled in HS. Very much a collegiate wrestler, he has very little experience in submission matches. He is tough, game and very competitive. We warned Jeff, when he challenged Mike (black speedos), that Mike is very strong and a good submission wrestler with lots of attitude. Mike simply will not lose - he would probably pass out before he says "give". But Jeff was up for the challenge and convinced himself that he could beat Mike.

Mike gave Jeff a beating throughout the whole match. Jeff never had a chance. Those of you that like to see a big guy get squashed, you've got it here. There were a total of four submissions. Jeff did his best, but he was just no match for Mike. Mike has an incredibly strong upper body (Movimus found that out first hand). He has less confidence in his legs, although they are very strong as you can see from his huge calves. When Mike wraps up his opponent there is almost no powering out of it.

Jeff is a big guy, strong, and a good wrestler, but Mike's attitude and upper body strength is just too much for him. Jeff gets stretched, pounced on, squeezed, and trounced into submission. Great visual effects and strained faces on this one.

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