Jake Finney vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 25:04
File Size: 302.5MB

Jake Finney 6'1" 205 22yo
Max Anderson 5'11" 184 21yo

Jake (Blue speedos) is a trained pro wrestler making the circuit in the New York City area. He contacted Movimus and asked for a match against some of our toughest wrestlers. At 6'1" and 205 lbs. of wrestling muscle, we thought of a few guy that would love to take him on. It so happened that Max Anderson (black speedos) was in NYC for a few matches the very next weekend, so the match was set.

Jake is a big guy with a lot or experience. Max is very confident and loves wrestling a real wrestler. Jake takes Max to the mat for the first takedown and wraps him in a tight headlock that we thought Max might not be able to get out of. It lasted a really long time, but, of coursed, Max was able to power out and reverse the hold. Loads of upper body exchanges of muscle between these two wrestlers. Both are trying everything to overpower the other. You can see that a respect for each others ability is being developed along with a need to get the other guy to tap out. These big wrestlers hold nothing back. A great head scissors at the very end of the match, gets the submission, the only one in the match. You can see the victory on the face of the winner and the agony of defeat on the face of the loser. Really great submission wrestling here.

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