Evan Turner vs. Eli Fisher

Total Running time: 25:03
File Size: HD 1.91GB/ 4K 2.85GB

Eli Fisher 5’6” 141 lbs.                      

Evan Turner 5’7” 128 lbs.

Eli (red speedos) challenges Evan (blue speedos). Evan’s reputation is outstanding at Movimus and Eli plans on showing just what he’s got on the mat against Evan. As soon as this match begins, you can see how evenly matched these two wrestlers are. Eli has a bit of a weight advantage and, it soon becomes obvious, that Eli has some strength advantage also. But that has never phased Evan before so Evan goes full force and full speed. The exchange is rapid, powerful, and extremely forceful as you see these two guys take each other to the mat with a vengeance.

Eli uses his weight advantage quite effectively but Evan is a master escape wrestler and there is no way Eli is going to get Evan in a compromising or “tap-out” position --- at least not early in the match. It’s back and forth, give and take, mostly with Evan wrestling quite effectively from the bottom position and Eli using all his skill and ingenuity to work Evan into a finishing hold. Lots of very fast action, lots of reversals and escapes as well as some captivation moves dominate the whole first fifteen minutes of this match.

But as the wrestlers get more exhausted, they tend to make more mistakes and not be on their guard quite as effectively. Can Eli take advantage of Evan as Evan grows more tired? Is Eli going to make a mistake that is going give Evan just the finishing move that he is looking for? Actually, both scenarios happen and both wrestlers take advantage. Evan gets that reverse head lock and choke that he has used so effectively in the past. Eli uses those massive strong legs and finally gets Evan wrapped up and squeezed.

But who is going to get the victory? Who is going to get his opponent to tap out the most number of times? This is a long match – these two guys just did not want to stop. They are both already asking for a rematch!

Wrestlers: Eli Fisher, Evan Turner

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