Shawn Duncan vs. Tanner Martin: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 20:49
File Size: HD 1.58/ 4K 2.36GB

The Rematch! Things didn't end too well between these two after filming stopped. Shawn is spoiling for a fight and badly wants to win. Tanner is into wrestling for the sport. Not the score. He does not care if he is in a wrestling singlet or a tiny thong. All he is concerned with is putting up a good fight. 

The match started with both wrestlers sizing each other up. Although Shawn made the first move to get Tanner to the mat, Tanner deftly evades and turns the table around on Shawn who found himself trapped in Tanner's tight leg scissors. The more Shawn struggles, the tighter the grip. No matter how he tried to break from Tanner, Tanner always have a counter move. Shawn manages to reverse the roles several times, but Tanner was determined. 

The first break ended with neither tapping and once both wrestlers had a breather, the action intensifies. In the end, both wrestlers found each other's weakness and used it to hold their ground. This is one rematch not to be missed!


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