Tanner Martin vs. Eli Fisher

Total Running Time: 25:20
File Size: HD 1.94GB/ 4K 2.85GB

Eli Fisher          5’6”     141 lbs.                      
Tanner Martin   6’        151 lbs. 

Eli (green speedos) challenges Tanner (blue speedos).   Eli is a skilled collegiate wrestler – looking to learn some real submission.  Tanner is incredibly strong, especially strong legs, and he sure knows how to use his power.  Working on a farm all his life has kept Tanner in great shape and strong.   Eli gets the first take down and immediately gets behind Tanner throwing a rear naked choke.   Eli cranks on the choke and forces Tanner to tap out.  “Enough of that” Tanner says and the tempo and pressure is increased.

Eli comes right back with a front face choke and again has Tanner in trouble.  But this time Tanner tucks is chin and escapes.   Tanner uses his power and works Eli into a full body scissors (guard position) rolls Eli to his side and squeezes his legs really hard.  Eli is forced to tap out.  Eli just got a taste of those powerful legs of Tanner.  So it’s 1  -  1.   Now the real wrestling begins. 

Both guys go at each other hard.   Tanner catches Eli in a number of vicious head scissors and really puts the pressure on.   But Eli endures and escapes, working hard to reverse and again get Tanner to tap out.  Not happening!   Tanner is tough, Eli is skilled – what a great match !   Tanner loves working in the guard position so Eli is often caught in Tanners body scissors.  But Eli is a really good wrestler.  He escapes and counters just to have Tanner body scissor him again.   It’s back and forth.   

Eli catches Tanner in a super tight head scissors as well.  Tanner is in a lot of trouble but he keeps struggling to escape.  Eli also works relentlessly to escape from Tanner head scissors.   These guys are wrestling a super tough match – lots of action – great moves and holds.   But there is definitely one decisive winner and a commitment for a rematch.   These guys want to take each other apart. 

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