Cole Brooks vs. Bass Berlin

Total Running Time: 20:38
File Size: 250.3MB

Cole Brooks                    5'10"               197lbs              21yo
Bass Berlin                      6'1"                188lbs              22yo

Cole (Blue Speedos) e-mailed Movimus after seeing Bass (gray speedos) wrestle Patrick Donovan. Cole has limited wrestling experience, but what a body and strong, solid, beefy and a real powerhouse. We thought that this would be an awesome match, the skilled, smooth, clean-cut Bass, against the super powerhouse Polish boy. And we weren't mistaken.

Cole uses his tremendous power to manhandle Bass, believe that or not. We never thought anyone would be able to control the super muscles of Bass, especially a young guy near his own size. At one point, Cole puts Bass in a head scissors, Bass lifts Cole up off the ground and Cole is completely upside down in the air, but continues to apply the incredible head scissors. Bass slams him to the mat and breaks the scissors, just to be caught in another one and eventually tap out.

The most powerful head locks we've ever seen are just some of the holds used for tap-outs. Vicious cross faces, double leg locks and ankle holds and all that. These wrestlers go all out. Bass has his hands full, and it's great fun to see him use that awesome body to struggle against the super polish muscle boy.

This match is awesome! We're sure you will watch it over and over again.

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