Brock Hammer vs. Jimmy Reilly

Total Running Time: 24:45
File Size: 1.23GB

Brock Hammer                   6’2”             212 lbs.             24yo
Jimmy Reilly                       5’10”          196 lbs.              24yo

Bodybuilder and wrestler, Jimmy Reilly (black speedos), challenged Brock Hammer (floral speedos). These two big wrestlers have lots of experience and determination. Of course, Brock has attitude and confidence. Muscular Jimmy is convinced that he can handle Brock ever with the extra height and weight. But Brock Hammer should never be taken for granted. He has risen to meet every challenge successfully for the past five years. No one has pushed him around the mat or controlled him. He is one very tough guy.

"This... is a quality that makes wrestling exciting: two bodies pushing themselves to the brink, in spite of the wear and tear of continuous exertions. In particular, this is a quality of singles competition, man against man, with nobody to tag in for relief. "

Ringside on Skull Island

So Jimmy faces off against Brock and is on his back on the mat with Brock on top of him before he knows what happened. Jimmy defends and counters the arm bar, ankle lock, body scissors, head lock, etc. Brock just keeps applying one hold after the other. Jimmy is very, very strong and uses his strength well. But it is only a matter of time before Brock locks up Jimmy and he is forced to tap-out. The second match is more of the same but Jimmy is not at all intimidated. He keeps coming back and looking for the right move and the right opening. Jimmy is getting more and more control over Brock and Brock doesn’t like it.

At one point, Jimmy has Brock in a real tight head scissors and says “Come on – Give up Brock”. Probably no one has ever said that to Brock Hammer before. The match gets more intense, the struggle more extreme. A couple of really awesome double head scissors have both guys struggling to escape. A painful ankle lock has Jimmy crawling around on the mat, but no tap out. Great moves from both wrestlers. Incredible escapes and reversals. Super use of power and muscle. Jimmy won the last fall, gets up and says to Brock “This ain’t over – Rematch for sure”. You can bet these guys will meet again.

"...these guys are obviously not just there to pose in provocative wrestling positions. They're constantly on the move in an attempt to outmaneuver the other. Their competitive nature starts the match with a friendly handshake, but things soon heat up."



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