MJ Walker vs. Bobby Bigelow: Match 3

Total Running Time: 19:35
File Size: HD 1.13GB/ 4K 4.4GB

MJ Walker           5'10"     153 lbs.
Bobby Bigelow    5'11"      175 lbs

The sand pit at Movimus Wrestling became the arena for an unprecedented re-rematch between two of the platform's fiercest competitors: Bobby, in his striking red speedos, and MJ, donned in blue striped speedos. This no-holds-barred sand pit match was a testament to their unyielding competitive spirit, requiring an expansive battleground to contain their intense rivalry.

From the start, MJ wasted no time, employing a ruthless chicken wing and choke hold that saw Bobby submitting early on. However, Bobby's resilience shone brightly as he retaliated with unmatched vigor, grounding MJ with a powerful head scissors that tested the limits of MJ's escape artistry. The sight of MJ, lifted off the ground yet unable to break free from Bobby's vice-like grip, marked a pivotal moment in the match, culminating in MJ's submission.

As the battle waged on for another 20 minutes, resulting in three more submissions, it became clear that this clash was more than just a match; it was a struggle between MJ's seasoned technique and Bobby's raw power and determination. Despite this being their third encounter, with a decisive winner emerging, the rivalry felt anything but concluded.

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