Luke Basset vs. Tanner Martin

Total Running Time: 23:24
File Size: HD 1.8GB/ 4K 2.65GB

Luke Basset                               5’7”                  138 lbs.                      
Tanner Martin                            6’                      153 lbs. 

Luke (red speedos) challenges eighteen year old Tanner (green speedos) and Tanner jumps at the chance to wrestle Luke.   Luke gets a huge surprise when he locks up with Tanner an begins to realize how strong Tanner really is.   Everyone that has wrestled Tanner has said the same thing:   he is way stronger than he looks – especially his legs.   So Tanner goes to work on Luke – taking him down a keeping him on the mat in a school boy pic that has Luke quite frustrated for a long time.  Eventually Luke turns Tanner to his back, but that just gives Tanner more of an opportunity to use his legs.  Luke suffers in Tanner’s body scissors, but when Tanner changes to a triangle choke, then puts Luke on his back still in the triangle, we all think it is all over.  But we are totally wrong.

Luke escapes and immediately gets to his feet and goes after Tanner.   Punishing body scissors has Tanner struggling to escape.   Twice Tanner picks Luke up in the air and attempts to escape Luke’s grasp.  It seems like Luke has learned his lesson:  stay away from Tanner’s legs.   Finally, Luke gets behind Tanner, brings him to the mat, and clamps on a full body scissors and rear naked choke hold.  IT’s all over.  A frustrated Tanner is forced to tap out.

But that is just the beginning, the first fall.   Tanner comes back for the second fall with a totally psyched determination that he is not going to lose another fall -  AND HE DOESN’T! ! !   Incredibly wrestling.  Tanner keeps Luke on the defensive for the rest of the match.    Three more submissions and Luke can’t believe how much of a beating Tanner is giving him.   Luke tries his best and his toughest, but Tanner is awesome.   At one point, Luke refuses to tap out in a nasty ankle lock, so Tanner just “ups” the pressure and Luke is consumed in pain.   He is forced to tap out eventually.

Tanner is one tough brawler – looking for bigger and stronger competition.   Amazing power in his long, lanky body – and a super wrestling attitude.  The Movimus wrestlers are lining up to challenge him.

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