Ivan Karamazoff vs. Aric Park

Total Running Time: 26:32
File Size: HD 1.48GB/ 4K 4.82GB

Aric Park                                  5’7”     166 lbs.          
Ivan Karamazoff                      6’         162 lbs.

Aric (blue speedos) challenges Ivan (black speedos).   Ivan takes Aric to the mat after a superior test of strength on their feet.   Ivan got a very good sense of how very strong Aric is so he used his superior height and balance to keep Aric on his back for the entire first fall.   Aric struggles intensely to reverse Ivan and get control, but Ivan was not about to let that happen.  Ivan keeps himself in position so he can use his body to smother Aric and, eventually, Aric is winded and forced to tap out.  Ivan is pretty please with himself and Aric in not a “happy camper”.

The second fall has Aric on his back again. This time Aric starts using his awesome power to break loose and reverse.   Ivan continues to struggle to keep Aric on his back and Aric wrestles Ivan with a superior level of intensity.  These two wrestlers are very evenly matched.   Aric is just so strong that Ivan is forced to used his balance and height in an attempt to maintain control.   It is give and take, back and forth, for 25 minutes of an intense submission match.  Aric is determine to win.  Ivan is not about to let that happen.

Caution is thrown to the win.  Aric is doing everything he can to get Ivan in a finishing hold.  Ivan, the very skilled and tough Russian, wrestles as tough a match as he has ever had.  Ivan is trying to show everyone that he is ready to take on Case “CT” Thornton.  He has wanted that match for a long time.  Aric wants to work his way up in the ranks at Movimus.  He is determined to become a dominating force at Movimus.  We are going to give Aric the chance to really prove what he’s got.  He wants his next challenge to be Dave Markus.

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