Marc Matthews vs. Alex Reid

Total Running Time: 22:33
File Size: SD 274.6MB/ HD 1.13GB

Marc Matthews 5’9” 154 39yo
Alex Reid 6’ 186 18yo

Marc (blue speedos) came from California and asked Movimus to get him a good challenge. “I’m heavier and I’ve been working out – get me some real competition”, he told us. Alex (pink speedos) was up to the challenge. He wanted to wrestle some really experienced submission wrestlers. The match was made.

Marc comes out tough, brings Alex down and starts working over the teen. Thirty pounds means nothing to a skillful wrestler, but twenty years could take its toll. But not for Marc. He pounds Alex into three submissions before Alex decides that is enough. Watch the “sit on the back – chin pull” one of Marc’s favorite holds. Alex taps. Cool!

But Alex isn’t going to let the skill get him. He comes back hard and rough and winds up getting three submissions under his belt. This match ends in a draw, at least by count. You judge for yourself. These wrestlers are into it – they are real and they are out to win. Incredible! You’ll watch this one over and over again.

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