Erik Brown vs. Adam Reis

Total Running Time: 29:51
File Size: 368.8MB

Erik Brown 5'9" 161 20yo
Adam Reis 5'9" 153 18yo

This is one match we've been trying to set up for almost two months. Finally, we were able to get these wrestlers to the mat room on the same day. Erik (green speedo) is one really tough boy. He's working real hard on developing his wrestling skills and keeping up his power - and he's doing a good job at both. Adam (purple speedos) is a great wrestler, been wrestling for years, competed all through high school. The other wrestlers tease Adam telling him that "his chest is much too big for his body". Check out his abs. Quiet, bashful Adam just shrugs and smiles, knowing very well that he is more than as strong as he looks.

These two wrestlers, having watched each other before, begin with a respect for the others strength. Both are afraid that the right hold would make him tap out and neither want to lose. Erik gets the early control, gets behind Adam, using a choke and attempt at a body scissors. Adam shows how really strong he is by powering out. Erik clamps it on again, Adam powers out again. When Adam headlocks Erik and flips him to the mat - hard - he has Erik using all his power to break the incredible, muscular grip.

The respect these two wrestlers show for each other is evident throughout this match. There is no decisive winner - you judge for yourself. But it sure is not over. We are going to make these guys do a match that will not end without a definite winner. We already told both wrestlers to get ready for it. " Total submission match until one guy taps - no excuses. You want to stop the match - you've got to tap out." Watch for it !

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