Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs. Adam Reis

Total Running Time : 29:27
File Size: HD 1.69GB

Adam Reis 5'9" 152 18yo
Donnie "Brax" Braxton 5'11" 168 20yo

Brax (red/black speedos) is as strong and as tough as any wrestler his size. He is skilled (wrestled all four years in HS) and competitive. What better opponent than Adam (blue speedos). At 18 years old, he's got ten years of wrestling experience and he loves wrestling bigger guys. Just look at Adam's chest, arms and abs - you can see for yourself how strong he is.

Brax too is great. He starts by picking Adam off the mat, up to his shoulders, and slams him down - hard. Adam, being a skilled submission wrestler, turns to his back and faces Brax. They do some testing of arm and chest power, but eventually Brax gets a tight head lock and really pours on the pressure. Adam pushes, flips, muscles and tries anything else he can to break this really tight head lock. When he flips to his knees, Brax hangs on and Adam is in a nasty position putting his own body pressure on the head lock along with the huge biceps of Brax. Adam has to tap.

But now he is more determined than ever to beat Brax. The action doubles in intensity. Brax tries to counter Adam's speed and power. Brax gets a really good wrestling lesson here. He's bigger and skilled, but Adam has attitude. He's not going to take this loss. Brax ties Adam up from behind with a cross face and body scissors that he turns into a figure four. Adam uses all his skill for almost four minutes to break this hold. Brax shows Adam just how tough he really is. This is one really great match.

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