Denny Webb vs. Todd Shaw: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 22:28
File Size: SD 274.3MB/ HD 1.26GB

Denny Webb 5'11" 164 19yo
Todd Shaw 6'4" 204 24yo

THE REMATCH! Denny (green speedos) only had to wait one week for his rematch against Todd (red speedos) What Todd didn't tell us was that he had a workout session with a wrestler friend of his and learned more moves and holds. This time Todd comes out ready to put Denny down and move on to bigger and tougher wrestlers. It's a really tight full nelson and body scissors that gets the first submission out of Denny. Todd uses that extra 40 pounds he has on Denny to keep the little guy on the mat struggling for the upper position. When Denny finally does reverse and get control, he uses all his strength and skill to keep the big guy down and he's pretty successful, but he just can't get the big muscle boy to tap out. Todd is able to push Denny's head back so far that he can lift his legs and get Denny in a nasty head scissors. Denny groans and moans in frustration and big time "hurt'. No way out, he taps.

Twenty-five minutes of great submission moves. Todd doesn't get winded and Denny just keeps getting tougher and better, but Todd is just too big and too strong. Denny does a great job, we are really impressed with him at Movimus and we love his attitude. He just wants to wrestle. He'll wrestle anyone at anytime. He's definitely the most confident of the Movimus Wrestlers.

Todd is looking for more training. He plans on coming to wrestle for Movimus at least once every month. We have a feeling that the Movimus Guys will be lining up to wrestle this muscle-model boy.

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