Tristan Baldwin vs. Brandon Aldrich

Total Running Time: 30:02
File Size: 360.4MB

Tristan Baldwin        6’5”     185     18yo
Brandon Aldrich       6’         182     25yo

            Brandon (green speedos) is challenged by Tristan (blue speedos), a tough 6’5”, 18 year old from Baltimore. Tristan has a lot of submission wrestling experience and has been getting psyched for this match for months. Tristan assured us that “Brandon won’t beat me – not even one time”.

            The first fall, Tristan is right. He works hard and finally catches Brandon and gets the tap out. But that is all for Tristan. Brandon realizes he screwed up in the first match and he is not about to let that happen again. Brandon really shows his stuff. He not only beats Tristan in each fall for the next 20 minutes, but he works him over pretty good in the process.

            If Movimus ever had a “squash match”, this is it. Brandon is real tough and looks as good as he ever has in any Movimus match. He totally controls and defeats Tristan in some of the best wrestling that we have ever seen from Brandon.

            Watch for Brandon to take on bigger, stronger guys, and guys who have more wrestling experience. He has proved that he can wrestle the best.

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