Bobby Bigelow vs. Brandon Aldrich

Total Running Time: 22:05
File Size: 261.8MB/ HD 1.49GB

Brandon Aldrich                6'          184 lbs            24yo
Bobby Bigelow                  5'11"     173 lbs            19yo

Brandon (blue speedos) has been challenging Bobby (pink speedos) for the last few months. We finally got these two tough wrestlers together. Bobby has been working out a whole lot and wrestling submission matches every chance he gets. He's been getting better and stronger since his first match against Liam O'Connor. Brandon, after gaining some needed muscle, has trimmed down to a perfect wrestling weight. He's looking good and wrestling much better (not that he wasn't good enough to begin with).

This match takes place in the Rec Room and both guys are totally out to win. There are at least 6 submissions, various headlocks, all excellent, great leg action (they both have strong legs) and a lot of dirt talk (Brandon accuses Bobby of shaving his "silky smooth" legs). Both of these wrestler are tested in strength and ability. Just when Brandon has Bobby locked up and it's seemingly over, Bobby escapes and reverses the hold. When Brandon is on his back and about ready to submit, he uses his strong legs to wrap up Bobby and force him to the mat. This is really good submission action.

Brandon is already asking for a re-match and Bobby is totally up for it. We are looking for an outdoor place to give these guys all the room they need and let them settle who is the better wrestler.

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