Max Anderson vs. Patrick Donovan

Total Running Time: 20:54
File Size: 179.9MB

Patrick Donovan 6'1" 178 32yo
Max Anderson 5'11" 182 20yo

The new Movimus wrestlers love to challenge Patrick Donovan (black speedos).   Max (blue speedos) is a competitive bodybuilder. He was introduced to Movimus Wrestling by one of our regular customers who was at one of his competitions.   Max really loves to wrestle,has limited experience, but wanted Patrick Donovan for his first match. Patrick is always up for a good challenge and a tough, young guy to show the ropes. But Max is out to show the experienced Patrick that he should watch out for the younger, tough guys.

The first match is almost fifteen minutes of continuous mat wrestling. Patrick tries his patented leg/angle lock, but Max laughs and powers out. Max throws in a tight cradle, and Patrick says "you can hold me here all day, you're not going to beat me". Max tightens the holds and Patrick laughs. Patrick tries using his long legs, Max turns and muscles free. Max tries numerous head scissors, but Patrick eventually gets out of each one. Finally, Patrick puts on a full body scissors, front chancery and choke hold and itís lights out for the bodybuilder.

The second match is much shorter. Max bring Patrick right to the mat, throws in a real tight head scissors, rolls and rolls keeping Patrick in his legs, and then uses his powerful biceps to squeeze his legs even tighter and Patrick taps.

The third and decisive match is again almost 15 minutes. These guys pull out all the stops. They both know each can win and lose. Max wants his Movimus debut to be a success and Patrick won't lose to the young muscle boy. Super wrestling, great muscular bodies, tremendous moves and holds -- it's all here.

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