Tommy "Slick" Perris vs. Caleb Fairchild

Total Running Time: 25:03
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Tommy "Slick" Perris               5'9"        153 lbs            19yo
Caleb Fairchild                        5'8"        142 lbs             22yo

Two more new comers to NHB BATTLE ! They fought in the Movimus Rec Room. Tommy (black speedos) is a former high school wrestler from New Jersey. He works out everyday, knows all the moves and holds, and has been practicing submission wrestling with Movimus for about 6 weeks before this match. Cal (green speedos) is also a former high school wrestler from Florida, works out everyday, is very fit, strong, lean and agile. He is also double jointed, a big advantage in submission wrestling.

"Slick" took one look at Cal and said he would win this match easy and he got a big surprise. This is twenty-five minutes plus of all-out submission wrestling without a winner. The tougher "Slick" got, the more intense Cal got. Slick is obviously stronger, more cut and muscular, but in no way was Cal intimidated. Heís scrappy, tough, wiry and has totally ìno loseî attitude. This match is great.

Even in a full nelson and body scissors, with Slick cranking on Cal's neck, Cal managed to slide out and reverse the hold. Slick relies on his incredibly strong legs, especially with a body scissors. Again and again, Cal slipped out and reversed. Cal uses a real strong front face lock that kept Slick face down on the mat for long periods of time. Slick tries again and again to throw in his legs for head and body scissors, but Cal is too quick and wiry.

You can expect to see a lot more of these two Movimus Wrestlers.

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