Kyle Bradford vs. Chuck "Flying Tiger" Collins

Total Running Time: 19:53
File Size: 395.4MB

                        Kyle Bradford                                 5’8"          156           23yo
                        Chuck "Flying Tiger" Collins           5’8"          145           42yo

Kyle, (light blue speedos), was visiting from NYC from LA. He has wrestled for other video companies, starred as various characters on movies, commercials, and even some TV soap operas. He loves to wrestle and was ready to show the NYC boys which coast has the better wrestlers. Tiger Collins (navy blue speedos) was his first challenge. More experienced, confident and cocky, Tiger is sure he is going to destroy his younger opponent. Tiger was totally psyched for this match. He prepared for days prior to the match and came to the Rec Room at least an hour early.

Kyle started with the first hold. He held Chuck hard, long and tough. Chuck knew he wasn’t wrestling an amateur in the first few seconds of the match. The reversal was awesome and the tide turned. Kyle found himself being choked into submission, but he wasn’t about to give to "the old man". This turned out to be a real test of "wills".

Kyle is an incredible leg wrestler. He had Chuck in every leg hold imaginable. The fists were flying too. Chuck told us that his stomach muscles were sore for days from the "gut" punches and rib shots. The cracking sound of Kyle’s fist against Chuck’s abs could be heard outside the Rec Room.

You’ll have to see the tape to find out which coast won this one. It is an incredible match that you won’t want to miss. It’s one of those that you will watch over and over again.

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