Tyler Manning vs. Jolt Jenkins: The Rematch

Tyler Manning                  5’11”             176 lbs           20yo
Jolt Jenkins                      6’                  177 lbs           27yo

THE REMATCH! “Okay! He beat me twice last time. He’s not going to get one submission this time.” Tyler (navy blue speedos) told us before this match. Jolt (pink speedos) is probably in for the match of this life, and doesn’t know it. Tyler is more cut and ripped, stronger and a better wrestler. His thighs are awesome strong and he plans on crushing Jolt’s head in a head scissor until Jolt taps. Tyler really wants this one – get even time.

Jolt, built and ripped as always, is just plain strong. He knows the moves and holds, and he is working on escaping from anything. This match starts out rough and gets rougher. It’s a 2-out-of-3 with a definite winner. Just excellent holds, long held and painful. Neither wrestler will tap. Both want to show the other (and Movimus) that he is not going to lose, at least not easily. This match gets as rough and tough as any match we have ever had at Movimus.

Both wrestlers agreed to a World Series Match for their next (and last) encounter. They both want to prove who the better wrestler is. This is one of the best rival competitions we have had. Tyler said about the World Series Match “Oh Wow ! You better bring extra batteries for the camera!”

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