Kevin Harris vs. Mikey Hanlon

Total Running Time: 26.44
File Size: HD 1.0GB / 4K 5.5GB

Kevin Harris                   6’1”              192 lbs          21yo
Mikey Hanlon                 5’9”              174 lbs          22yo

Mikey (white speedos) gives up almost 20 lbs to Kevin (black speedos) and Kevin is all muscle. Mikey know before the match begins that he has to stay away from Kevin’s powerful legs. Kevin has been learning a lot more moves and holds so he challenged Mikey – one of the best.

Kevin uses his 192 pounds really well in keeping Mikey on the mat, but Mikey is quick and very skilled. He manages to wrestle out of most holds on the mat, but it’s the reversals Mikey has trouble holding onto – Kevin is just too strong. More than one time, Kevin clamps on a tight head lock and puts all his weight on Mikey’s neck and shoulders. Incredibly, Mikey is able to turn Kevin onto his side and back, but not for long. Mikey tries his fierce triangle choke, but Kevin gets to his feet and powers out. Mikey tries for an arm bar with all his weight on Kevin’s chest. Kevin powers out. Kevin places a fist in Mikey’s stomach and puts 192 pounds behind the push, Mikey squirms out. This is some really great wrestling.

But there is definitely one winner and there is definitely a re-match challenge issued. I have a feeling these two wrestlers are going to have many matches against each other before this feud is settled.

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