Jared Stone vs. Jarrett Hanlon

Total Running Time: 26:12
File Size: HD 1.05GB/ 4K 5.82GB

Jared Stone                     5’7”         202 lbs       28yo
Jarrett Hanlon                 5’11”       186 lbs       27yo

Jarrett (blue speedos) is Mikey Hanlon’s older brother, former High School and College wrestler, challenged the consummate pro, Jared (yellow speedos). The collegiate wrestler vs. the pro wrestler in a submission match. Great match up!

These wrestlers know all the tricks of the sport. Both are very competent wrestlers and both have a insane desire to win. Jarrett with his huge arms, can squeeze Jared and put him in some real pain. Jared with his awesome moves can wrap Jarrett up so he can’t use that huge arms effectively. That is exactly what happens over and over again. Both guys use their strong assets to keep the other guy at bay! At one point Jarrett says “I ain’t going to tap. It’s going to be a draw.” He was wrong, but not by much.
\You want to see trained, mature wrestlers take it to each other in a real match – where both guys will do whatever it takes to beat the other – here it is. Different styles, different builds, but both very much alike. This is a real brawl- and the rematch is already planned.

Jarrett definitely has the power, but Jared has the moves and the skill. Jarrett goes for a pin while Jared goes for a slam. The overall winner is yet to be determined. Both guys told Movimus – just set it up! We Will!

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