Jolt Jenkins vs. Case "CT" Thornton

Total Running Time: 23:25
File Size: HD 1.11GB/ 4K 6.0GB

Jolt Jenkins                 6’           173 lbs         25yo
Case “CT” Thornton    6’           144 lbs        24yo

Both brand new Movimus wrestlers, CT (blue speedos) is an experienced submission wrestler from the mid west and Jolt (green speedos) is a powerful body builder and trainer from NY. These guys challenged each other (actually CT did the challenging) when they arrived at the Movimus studios. No way were we going to pit these two wrestlers against each other, but CT wanted the muscle boy bad – and he got what he wanted.

CT totally showed his stuff. He was great. Jolt threw the 144 pound wrestler around a lot, but CT just got up and kept right on coming until he had Jolt is a nasty submission hold. Just great to watch a skinny, 144 pound little guy take down and destroy a 173 pound bodybuilder. CT takes everything that Jolt has and gives it right back to him. Wicked armlock, totally tight head scissors, lots of riding time and front and side control. This “CT” is a guy to be reckoned with. He wants to challenge Mikey Hanlon and Max Anderson. Could be very interesting. First he has to rematch Jolt !

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