Mikey Hanlon vs. Connor Flynn

Total Running Time: 30:40
File Size: SD 373MB/ HD 2.5

Connor Flynn 6’1” 180 23yo
Mikey Hanlon 5’9” 169 22yo

Connor (blue speedos) asked for the match against Mikey (purple speedos). Both good wrestlers, Mikey with definitely more experience, were out to win at all cost. Both guys talk a lot of dirt at each other, but the wrestling moves and holds, counters and escapes are outstanding. Both big, strong guys are not about to let the other get the upper hand. The first fifteen minutes is a lot of give and take, great leg locks and scissors, excellent upper body moves and clamps. Mikey really wants to pound on Connor, just to show Max Anderson what is going to happen to him when Mikey gets his match against Max, but Connor is not about to let that happen.

Finally, Mikey gets the tap out and Connor is pissed. He comes back in the second match with a vengeance that we rarely see at Movimus and he uses his incredible legs to squeeze Mikey into submission. The third (and final) match is an all-out war. Both wrestlers are determined not to lose, both determined to get the other to tap out no matter what it takes. But there is a winner, just one guy comes out on top and the rematch is already set up. This is going to be an ongoing battle and Max is bound to get into it too.

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