Shawn Duncan vs. Derek Ortiz: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 39:08
File Size: HD 3.42GB/ 4K 6.72GB

Derek Ortiz                 5’11”               155 lbs.                      
Shawn Duncan            5’5”                   162 lbs.

"... it's a whopper...."

Ringside at Skull Island 

It's been a while, but we are back. Shawn Duncan had not taken the time during the lockdown lazing around. He has been working his way around, learning new moves from various sources. Derek Ortiz, has not been sitting on his ass either and had spent time working on his moves. 

Both wrestlers have been waiting for this rematch for ages. Since their last match, Derek knew there is a lot more he can show Shawn and teach him a lesson not to be so cocky. Shawn, on the other hand, is the same attitude as always, sure of himself. It did not take long for both wrestlers to familiarize themselves. Derek quickly got Shawn in a choke hold, making him yell with pain and tapped out. 

Shawn returned the favor shortly, and got Derek in a leg scissor, forcing him to surrender. At times in the match, both wrestlers were taunting each other. Shawn thought it will be an easy match, but Derek is definitely keeping a strong hold. 

For fans of no holds barred submission wrestling, this is as hot and intense as it ever gets. The time apart made both wrestlers determine to teach the other a lesson. 

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