Steve Mason vs. Leo Sun

Total Running Time: 23:31
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Steve Mason               5’7”                 128 lbs.                      
Leo Sun                       5’6”                 129 lbs

Steve (green speedos) challenged Leo (blue speedos) to a match as soon as they met at the Movimus Studio.   Steve has much more wrestling experience than Leo (and he is actually a year younger).  Leo is very well built and much stronger than he looks, but Steve is determined to beat Leo, no matter what it takes.    This is as competitive as it gets.   Both these wrestlers are real competitors and out to win this match.

Leo and Steve are ideally matched... serious athletes who clearly have acquired their skill set and discipline through rigorous training and practice."

Ringside at Skull Island 

Steve takes Leo to the mat but immediately gets caught in a front face lock and body scissors.  But Steve is very quick and remarkably strong.   He uses his speed and agility to escape and reverse on Leo.   But Leo catches Steve in a head scissors and again Steve is counting on his speed to escape.   Finally Steve gets a great move on Leo, using his legs to immobilize Leo’s  upper body and working for an ankle lock and twist with his arms.  

Leo struggles and eventually escapes, but Steve has definitely let Leo know what kind of a tough match this is going to be.   Steve clamps up on Leo and uses all his skill and experience to keep Leo under control.   Leo uses his super strong legs and head scissors Steve many times, but Steve simply doesn’t quit.   You can see the expression of pain and pressure on Steve’s face as Leo applies some really nasty head scissors, but Steve keeps coming back harder and stronger.

This is one totally awesome brawl, from beginning to end.   This feud is just beginning.  You can expect to see these guys go at each other again and again.    Actually, they wanted a re-match the very next day.   They are definitely out to prove who is the better and stronger wrestler.


Wrestlers: Leo Sun, Steve Mason

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