Ivan Karamazoff vs. Casey Callaghan

Total Running Time: 19:10
File Size: HD 1.09GB/ 4K 1.46GB

Ivan Karamazoff 6’ 165 lbs.
Casey Callaghan 5’7” 153 lbs.

Ivan (orange speedos) recently arrived from Moscow, Russia.   Although he has never been trained in BJJ or martial arts, he’s an accomplished wrestler.   Casey (green speedos) is very much up for the “Russian Challenge”.    Ivan gets the initial take down and starts to work over Casey from the upper position.   Casey struggles to escape or reverse, but Ivan is not about to let that happen.   When Ivan clamps on a tight head lock and gets his body in a parallel position with Casey, Casey seizes the opportunity to wrap is powerful legs around Ivan’s waist.  The big squeeze is on! !    When Ivan rolls to his stomach trying to escape Casey’s scissors, Casey gets across Ivan’s throat and it’s all over. 

The second fall starts immediately and Casey takes Ivan to the mat and goes for the head scissors.  Ivan wrestle real tough not to let Casey get that scissors on him.  He escapes and gets Casey on his back, but Casey again wraps his muscular legs around Ivan’s waist.   Ivan struggles in the body scissors, know that there is basically no offensive hold he can apply until he escapes Casey’s legs.   But Casey is excellent on his back and he keeps Ivan working real hard.   

It’s back and forth, give and take for the rest of this match.   Casey is asking for a rematch, Ivan is ready.   Ivan is asking for some training and practice.   Casey says it won’t make a difference.   “I’m going to destroy him in the next match” Casey told us.   The feud between these two wrestlers is just beginning!


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