Aron Stokes vs. Billy Keys

Total Running Time: 24:15
File Size: 1.32GB

Billy Keys                    5’9”               194 lbs.
Aron Stokes                6’1”               177 lbs.


Aron (red speedos) was really psyched when he was challenged by Billy Keys (blue speedos).    Billy is a big guy and a knows his wrestling moves and holds.   Aron said  “I’m going to be all over him”.   Billy is strong, very strong, but Aron was correct.    His speed and agility keep him in control of most of the match.   Aron’s problem was that Billy is so strong, Aron was not able to get a finishing move on him and keep it long enough to get Billy to tap-out.   Aron tried everything, especially his long, very strong legs. Billy just kept squirming and powering out of Aron’s holds.

"In Movimus, wrestling -as in WRESTLING- is king and they prove that once again with this release, while they also highlight their uniqueness in the underground wrestling spectrum through their inclusiveness and openness to have wrestlers from any background, shapes or forms. And for that La Sustancia P says: Well done!"


 Each time Billy got the reversal, you could see on his face how tough it was for Aron to escape.  But Aron is a real tough wrestler with major attitude. He was not about to lose even one fall to Billy.   Billy worked hard and used just about everything he had to get Aron in a compromising position.   At one point, Billy caught Aron in a head scissors and managed to get on top using his weight to keep Aron on the mat.  We thought Aron would have to tap to get out of that – but Aron proved us wrong.  He wrestle like a pro and reversed the hold.    

It ultimately was Aron’s relentless head scissors that forced Billy to tap out.  He took it for a long time, tried everything he could to escape, but Aron just kept the pressure on.   Aron’s legs are like “tree trunks”.  The more he flexes them and keeps them wrapped around you, the stronger they get and the more powerful the hold.   The fact that his legs are so long doesn’t hurt any either.   This is a one submission match after 25 minutes of grueling submission wrestling.   Great Stuff!!!

Wrestlers: Aron Stokes, Billy Keys

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