Aron Stokes vs. Mikey Hanlon

Total Running Time: 34:12
File Size: 1.65GB

Mikey Hanlon 5’9” 173 lbs. 
Aron Stokes 6’1” 179 lbs.


Aron (blue speedos) has been on quite a winning streak.   So he challenged Mikey (black speedos) knowing that this would be one of the toughest matches he has ever had.  He was not mistaken.   Not only is Mikey one of the strongest wrestlers at Movimus, he is a skilled – trained wrestler.   It’s really tough to get Mikey to tap out , as Aron found out.  

The matches starts pretty even, both wrestlers testing each other’s skill and strength.   Mikey keeps Aron in a cradle and reverse cradle for a long time, but Aron just stretches his long, muscular body to escape.  Lots of holds and reversals, great moves and real good wrestling.   Then Aron gets Mikey in a real tight head scissors.

You can see Aron’s long legs stretched and pumped, thigh muscles ripped and squeezing Mikey’s head. But Mikey refuses to tap and Aron speaks his frustration. He can’t believe that Mikey is able to take his head scissors. Now the match gets more intense and a whole lot tougher until Mikey gains control and has Aron “wrapped up like a pretzel”. Aron struggles, but there is no escape. Aron taps.

The second match starts out more intense and both wrestlers are much more focused.   Again they both try head scissors but these are two very tough wrestlers and neither will tap out.   Aron finally gets control and works over Mikey pretty good eventually getting Mikey to tap out.  Score:  1 – 1 and the match continues. 

Just one more fall – no matter how long it takes – with a definite winner.   Action is fast and focused.   Muscles are ripped, stressed and pushed to their limits.   Mikey is tough and doesn’t want to lose to a younger wrestler. Aron is totally focused on beating – and humiliating – the Movimus Tough Guy !   Great action – super wrestling.  

There will definitely be a rematch!  

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