Mikey Hanlon vs. Damien Rush: The Rematch

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Mikey Hanlon 5’9” 175 lbs. 26yo
Damien Rush 5’11” 205 lbs. 22yo

THE REMATCH! Damien (purple speedos) is much more prepared and ready to take down Mikey (white speedos). These two guys have a great time wrestling each other and talking trash. Damien is super strong. Mikey is just a great wrestler. Damien totally puts the pressure on Mikey throughout the match. Mikey is an expert at escapes and reversals and Damien just keeps throwing in some great moves. Damien keeps Mikey on the mat with a head lock – a real strong head lock that has Mikey using all his strength to escape. Mikey likes to work behind his opponent and Damien won’t give him that advantage.

"The Movimus rematch between Mikey Hanlon and Damien Rush is 20 minutes of grueling, sopping wet struggle..."

Ringside at Skull Island

Damien uses some wicked head scissors and Mikey struggles to keep from tapping out. This is a brawl. Both wrestlers use all their power and strength to get the upper hand. Mikey is constantly looking for a finishing hold and Damien keeps escaping and frustrating Mikey. They wrestle as hard and as tough as they can and each guy wrestles to exhaustion. When Damien gets on his feet with Mikey on his back on the mat, Damien does all he can to punish Mikey. When Mikey locks in a figure four around Damien’s waist, it’s really hard to escape but Damien shows just how strong he really is.

Both wrestlers take a lot of punishment and the struggle is extremely intense. Again, just like the first match, it is a very even exchange of moves and holds. They battle for 25 minutes and still there is no definite, clear cut winner. Their next match is a World Series Match and both wrestlers are ready and pushing for that big match. Mikey is totally convinced that he can handle the big muscle boy – and Damien says he is going to destroy Mikey in the next match. We are definitely going to find out who the better wrestler really is !


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