Aron Stokes vs. Dave Markus

Total Running Time: 21:55
File Size: 1.58GB

Aron Stokes        6’1"        178 lbs.        21yo
Dave Markus      5’9”         169 lbs.       19yo

Aron (blue speedos) saw Dave (green speedos) during a Movimus practice session and immediately said he wanted a match against “that guy”. Dave is in awesome shape. Very, very strong, super strong legs, but lacking a lot of submission wrestling skill. He relies on power to control and dominate his opponents. Aron got caught in Dave’s head lock right off the block. Dave held it for a long time and eventually turned Aron on his back. Aron struggles to reverse, but Dave keeps control. Throughout the match, each time Dave uses a scissors on Aron – Aron is forced to tape out. Aron throws in a real tight full nelson and body scissors and gets Dave to tap also, but Aron is continually on the defensive against thr power that Dave brings to the mat.

The moves are quick and sometimes audacious, though severely constrained by the opponent's strength and near-psychic anticipation of each next move."

Ringside on Skull Island


It is just one of those matches when you are at the edge of your seat, with reversals that are countered in an instant."

La Sustancia

Aron gets caught in Dave’s body scissors twice – struggles, but knows there is no escape. Dave’s legs are simply too powerful. When Aron is caught in Dave’s body scissors, he is struggling to survive and knows there is no chance of excape. Dave is just too strong. Twice Aron gets Dave on his back and tries to work out the muscle-boy. Once he smothers and chokes Dave. The other time, Dave reverses and goes back to him domination. Aron is a very, very tough wrestler, skilled and knowledgeable. Dave relies on power. Great wrestling – super match. The rematch is already planned. Dave wants to learn from Aron. Aron most definitely wants to defeat Dave.


Wrestlers: Aron Stokes, Dave Markus

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