Jayson Dolan vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 16:54
File Size: 1.28GB

Jayson Dolan                   5’11”      190lbs.        22yo
Max Anderson                  6’           192lbs.       30yo

Big Jayson (brown speedos) challenged Max (yellow speedos) and Max jumped at the chance to take on Jayson. Jayson is really strong and Max wanted to see if he could handle that kind of power. Max immediately goes to his back and uses his legs around Jayson’s body. Max keeps Jayson tied up for a while but it is not really a challenge for Jayson to escape from Max’s legs. Jayson starts using his powerful upper body to control Max, reverse him and get on top. Max gets caught in a school boy pin and has great difficulty getting Jayson off. Max realizes that he needs to use his legs if he is going to get control of Jayson at all.


Jayson is convinced that, if he can get Max in just the right hold, his power and strength will make the muscleboy tap out. Max is wrestling tough not to let that happen. A few times, Jayson really puts on the pressure or squeeze. Max has to really struggle fast and hard to escape. Jayson is one very strong boy. When Max gets a tight body scissors on Jayson – Max thinks it’s all over. Not even close! Jayson powers outs and reverses. Front face locks are where Jayson can really control Max, and he uses that move throughout the match. Some really intense wrestling – these two guys are out to win and simply will not give you.

But there is definitely a decisive winner and a very disappointed (and angry) loser. We get this feeling that a rematch is on the way!

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