Asa Cruz vs. Marc Matthews

Total Running Time : 23:40
File Size: 969.3MB

Marc Matthews 5’9” 158 37yo
Asa Cruz 5’7” 121lbs. 21yo

Veteran Wrestler and great guy, Marc Matthews (red speedos) is welcomed back to Movimus. Asa (maroon speedos) asked for a match against Marc as soon as he heard that Marc was going to be in New York City. Asa is not at all intimidated by a few years and 30 pound weight advantage – he’s been wrestling weekly with much bigger guys and has really toned his skills. Marc is about 15 pounds heavier than the last time he wrestled for us, and it’s all muscle.

These two wrestlers did not hold back at all , right from the get-go. Marc gets the take-down – Asa reverses and immediately goes for his wicked head scissors. It didn’t take too long and Marc was taping out. Not too many wrestlers can hand in-there against those vicious strong legs of Asa. He may be skinny but he’s one powerful boy!

Marc starts the second match determined to beat this “kid”. He works all kinds of moves and keeps Asa on the defensive. Asa has the power, but Marc has the skill. In this fall it was Marc’s determination that caught Asa in a rear-naked choke and body scissors. No way out for Asa. He taps.

This match is 3-2 at the end with a clear winner. As Marc put on FaceBook – you’ve got to buy the match to see who the winner is . Great wrestling, really great wrestlers and super personalities. Nice moves and two really awesome bodies to watch struggling, countering, reversing and winning.


Wrestlers: Asa Cruz, Marc Matthews

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